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About Colorado Intergrated Therapy

Colorado Intergrated Therapy is family-owned and operated in Highlands Ranch, CO. Since opening in 1998, we’ve treated every client like they were a part of our family. Other Therapist's may claim to offer similar massages, but our therapist raises the bar and is in a class of her own. 
Frances Seaton, Massage Therapist
Frances is a 67-year-old lady, who looks more like a sweet grandmother than a powerful and savvy massage therapist.  But her clients know that she's a real sharp cookie and when she's tough, it's always with a technique that gets positive results with minimal discomfort.

She's been a massage therapist since 1985, with full certification in 1996.  She has an extensive background in clinical and therapeutic massage, having worked for two chiropractors and at Lutheran Hospital's massage clinic. 

Her massage techniques include, but are not limited to:  neuromuscular, trigger point, cranial sacral, orthobionomy, acupressure, repetitive motion therapy, Reiki, therapeutic touch, manual lymph drain, with specilities in rotater cuff, S.I. joint pain and low back pain.  It is a good possibility that you will be the recipient of several of these techniques in a single massage.  

She loves working with people and cares deeply for each of her clients, many of whom have been her clients since she first started.  

Her faith in God is her source of inspiration and she prays for each of her clients before, during and after she works on them.  "I can do nothing on my own.  God is the ultimate healer, I am just a willing pair of hands."  Frances Seaton

We are committed to helping our clients get an incredible massage, 

and our rates are hard to beat.

 We believe that everyone deserves to afford a wonderful massage